Bohemian Bronze

Bohemian Bronze

Bohemian look for golden moments

Go on a mystical journey to far-flung lands with this summer collection and discover the beauty of foreign cultures. Experience exotic locations with secretive treasures and passionate art. There is nothing better than feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and a gentle breeze in your hair. Welcome the free spirit of summer – exciting and unique.

Make-up as if kissed by the sun

The ALCINA "Bohemian Bronze" summer collection is inspired by summer's golden moments. The warm summer light not only intensifies the luminosity of your make-up but also conjures up a healthy glow on your skin. The focus is on neutral shades of bronze which, together with rosé and coral, make your summer make-up unforgettable. Contemporary gold shades on the eyes and nails are a must this summer, they harmonise with all skin types to emphasis natural female beauty.