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Many know the drill: A look in the mirror and you see red: Fine bluish red veins on the cheeks and around the nose shine through the skin. Often these are the signs of a system-dependent vasodilatation in the area of the face, a rosacea. It is important for rosacea should necessarily be paid to proper care of the skin. Couperosis face cream by Alcina indented with a particular drug substance complex this small, aesthetic blemish on his body. It reduces the redness of the skin and relieves demonstrably beyond the sensation of heat, often complain about the victims. And this sustainable, highly effective and intense. The Alcina rosacea cream was specially developed for hypersensitive, irritated, prone to rosacea skin. Effective and natural ingredients such as Phytoaktiv, calendula and horse chestnut reduce skin redness, strengthen blood vessels and improve the resistance to free radicals. The condition of the skin undergoes rapid and significant improvement recognizable and reassurance. In addition to strengthening plant complex, the rosacea cream of Alcina with many moisturizing ingredients for a noticeably smooth skin makes. The rich, soothing cream for day and night complements the rosacea serum of Alcina optimal. In the combined use can be achieved particularly positive results. Connective tissue and vascular walls of the sensitive facial skin are strengthened, soothes the skin gently, successfully neutralized the redness. Alcina rosacea cream brings the skin back into proper balance. Successfully reduce skin redness: Couperosis face cream by Alcina strengthens and calms the skin with a unique complex of active ingredients.

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