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Widely used, not dangerous, but ugly: The system-related rosacea with their skin, the joints in the area of ​​the face, especially on the nose and the cheeks. Who is prone to rosacea, should put a special emphasis on the proper care and protection of the skin and rely on an effective drug concentrate, that the redness reduced. The rosacea serum of Alcina provides effective relief here. With its innovative combination of active ingredients, the Intensive Concentrate been shown to reduce the annoying redness in rosacea and also relieves see and feel the frequent flushing. The Couprerose serum of Alcina is the special care of reddened skin. Valuable ingredients such as Phytoaktiv, calendula and horse chestnut reduce the redness, the vessel walls and improve strengthen resistance against free radicals. The moisturizing concentrate is quickly absorbed by the skin and has both calming and strengthening effect on the delicate facial skin. The re-emergence of reddened skin and red veins is thereby effectively prevented. The skin will return to a uniform complexion. With the highly effective concentrate rosacea serum of Alcina is catered for the specific needs of rosacea skin. No more redness on nose and cheeks. The rosacea serum of Alcina is a highly effective concentrate for the specific needs of rosacea skin.

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