Inspired by the tropical flora of Hawaii, stylist Paul Brown created a luxury botanical hair care system at an affordable price. Few companies ventured along this avenue two decades ago, but Paul was motivated by what he saw – native Hawaiians with healthy, shiny black hair well into their golden years. This is despite constant exposure to the drying sun, saltwater and trade winds.

Paul worked closely with a leading biologist and chemist in Hawaii to identify the secrets behind their beautiful hair. The collaboration resulted in the Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex, a blend of 12 unique, nourishing properties from island plants and minerals. Combined with the miracle Kukui Nut Oil, Paul formulated Paul Brown Hawaii for salon professionals who wanted to tailor their service to each of their clients’ unique needs.

Some people need protein while others need extra moisture for healthy hair. Paul Brown Hawaii is the rare brand that offers both – the protein-based Hapuna and the moisture-based Classic lines. Which works best for you? A trained stylist can help determine whether your hair thirsts for moisture or protein. And if you want optimum shine and healthy hair, knowing this makes all the difference. We feel that your hair is unique, so shouldn’t your shampoo and conditioner be too? But don’t take our words for it. Find out for yourself.

Whether you try our Hapuna or Classic line, all our products are formulated with our Hawaiian Protein Flora Complex and Kukui Nut Oil. For centuries, Hawaiians have relied on Kukui Nut Oil’s restorative powers. Cancer centers and hospitals have used this omega-rich emollient to heal burns and other skin problems. Packed with nutrients, Kukui Nut Oil has the same rejuvenating effects on hair by penetrating the follicles without adding weight.

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Product no.: 3155

Kukui Nut Oil

Moisture replacement treatment

Benefits: Contains kukui nut oil, a known natural protein and sunscreen that consist of the essential fatty acids linoleic (42%) and linolenic (29%), that renew sheen, elasticity and balance moisture content in hair and scalp. Unique formulation incorporates macadamia oil for added essential emollients to deeply condition and add moisture where desired. Keeps hair and scalps natural oils balanced, maintaining healthy shine and vibrancy

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Product no.: 3160

Stay Straight Conditioner

Moisturizes hair from the inside out to prevent and protect hair from further damage.

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Product no.: 3161

Stay Straight Conditioner Treatment

Dry or Frizzy Hair

Benefits: Moisturizes hair from the inside out to prevent and protect hair from further damaged

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31 - 33 of 33 results